Reporting Tool for PLC's

We provide Reporting Tools for many PLCs' used across various types of industries. We carry out coding for WINCC as well to get data in SQL database and then generate reports as per requirements.

The features of our Reporting Tools are -

  • We perform coding to export data to SQL database so it can be used very easily without affecting the performance of system.
  • Reports with any required format can be created.
  • Reports with any Graphs to represent process details can be created.
  • Automatic Report generation on occurance of an event is possible.
  • Reports can be directly stored in a specific location/s without interfering with the actual process.
  • Reports can be directly Exported in .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats.
  • Search with various criteria is also available to search old reports.
  • Customization of reports as per requirement is possible.