In this age of technology there are many developments going on in all the fields related to communication and connectivity. Wi-fi and internet connectivity is now easily available everywhere which can make our life very comfortable.
SMART-IOT provides facility to remotely control many devices as per requirements using internet and Wi-fi.

The key features are -

  • Easy to install independently without making changes to existing wiring or control signal systems.
  • Can be designed as per requirements. (Complete customization is possible!)
  • Wide range of number of devices which can be connected and monitored. (Can connect upto 1000 signals)
  • Can control Digital as well as Analog signals.
  • Facility of real time monitoring of events.
  • Facility to send SMS for the occurrence of selected events.
  • Facility to show history of events.
  • Independent Analysis of each event.
  • Controlled access to various users to the online interface.
  • Very useful for production monitoring and security in Industry.
  • Useful for monitoring and controlling of domestic gadgets and security equipments.