OMR Sheets Evaluation

Specialized Solutions for all kind of OMR data sheet evaluations as per requirements.

Millions of OMR sheets been processed with 100% accuracy over more than last 26 years. We have a very long experience in this field of OMR sheets evaluation and are proud to say that Smart Computer (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top organizations which are providing such services with maximum accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.

  • Evaluation of OMR sheets as per required evaluation pattern.
  • Implementation of Negative marking system while evaluation is possible.
  • Facility of evaluation with multiple correct options type questions is available.
  • Final output data after evaluation can be made available in .pdf, .xls, .mdb file formats.
  • In case of Technical / Educational / HR / Research surveys, the facility to record multiple option selections as well as unique option selection can be provided in a single sheet or set.
  • Facility to put a cross instead of darkening a circle can also be implemented.
  • All the above facilities are provided at very low costs / affordable cost as compared to the others.
  • Less manpower. (Upto 6000 OMR sheets per day with 4 people working on it)
  • Recognizes any ink. (No limitation of using only pencil or a specific type of pen)
  • Recognizes any colour. (No limitation of using only black or blue ink colour pen)
  • 100% Accuracy - Best of its class.