Smart School

A software that assuage the Management of the School. Enables the School Administrator, School Management as well as Techers to carry out the school annual schedule without any conflicts with user-friendly GUI.
Features -
  • Manage Admission Process. Right from filling the admission form and the further process.
  • Manage School Office department in sectors like keeping an account for the students fees, to generating Bonafide certificates, Leaving certificates, maintaining student registry.
  • Manage Notices or Announcements for students, manage their attendance,.
  • Search for a student based on categories like Stream, Standard, Division, Medium etc.
  • To Add and Manage Teaching and Non-teaching staff.
  • Management of miscellaneous activities in terms of Academic or Non-Academic Events.
  • Examination sector has facilities like setting exam structure, assign subjects, printing admit cards, analysing the result, printing report card etc.
  • Management of Master fields like standard, medium, academic year, aid-type etc.
  • Reports for admission, fee collection, attendance, pass or fail students, summary of academic result.
  • Customization of reports is possible.
  • All reports can be exported directly to MS Word, MS Excel and PDF file formats.