Other Services

We provide following services with a very high Quality, Accuracy and Efficiency -

  • Typing and Printing of Question Papers for various examinations for Schools and Colleges.
  • Design and printing of Stationary required for Schools and Colleges like Science Journals, Various formats, Home Work Books, Annual Diaries for students and teachers etc.
  • Design and Printing of Annual reports of Schools and Colleges.
  • Design and Printing of Certificates for various examinations, seminars and events.
  • Production of Annual reports of Schools and Colleges in the E-Format (DVDs) and I-Format (Website). This covers all the material in the form of Videos, Photos, Articles by students and teachers, Achievements of students and teachers, drawings, interviews of institutional authorities etc.
  • DVD duplication. (20 DVDs per 5 minutes)
  • Lamination of Identity Cards.
  • Spiral Binding of Reports.