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SMART solutions for all your needs !!


Our Vision is to meet the needs of our clients through a SMART use of Computers, Software and technology. Our services are based on innovative thinking and creativity which enable the SMART use of computers and technology in every aspect of the life.

Why Smart Computer ?

Using the available software and hardware resources smartly to simplify the complicated task by providing ideal solutions to achieve goals.
High efficiency and accuracy in all work areas like offline services, softwares to e-services.
More than 23 years of unmatched performance in conducting many examinations with 100% accuracy.
Many satisfied prestigious customers from various work sectors for more than 23 years.


Data Process

Data Processing

Very high accuracy for data processing work of examinations, surveys and aptitude tests have been maintained for more than 23 years.


OMR Printing

We provide Design and Printing of OMR sheets for Competitive / Entrance Examinations as well as for various surveys for collection of information in any required pattern with complete flexibility and customization.

OMR Eval

OMR Evaluation

Specialized Solutions for all kind of OMR data sheet evaluations as per requirements.


Type Setting

Type setting of Scientific and Technical Data with higher accuracy. Design and type setting work of Production and Work Manuals for various industries.

Type Setting
Design & Print

Design & Printing

Design and printing of Stationary required for Schools and Colleges like Science Journals, Various formats, Home Work Books, Annual Diaries for students and teachers, Certificates for various examinations, seminars and events etc.


Smart Career Guidance

A wide range of videos of career guidance for candidates...



Smart School

Smart School

A complete solution for School Management is provided in this application.
Features like Admission Processs, Teachers' Management, Examination Management, Office Management etc.


Smart Attendance

The software helps to have a record of attendance of candidates for Schools, Colleges or Industrial Organisations. Generates reports as per requirements.

Smart Paper Setter

Smart Paper Setter

The software helps to set a question paper as per requirement. Question Papers for Schools, Colleges, Scholarship and other Competitive Examinations etc. can be set.


Smart Production Management

The software provides a complete solution for production process planning and maintenance for various organisations in the field of production of automobile parts, mechanical parts, food material production and almost all organisations in the manufacturing field.

Smart Production
Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory

This application helps store department to maintain inventory, manage purchases and stock according to job as well as machine.


Smart Society

A software for builders and Housing Societies to maintain all their records. Important data like Project Details, Agreement Papers, Allotment Papers, Share certificates etc. can be easily maintained. Reports respective to Documents can be generated.

Smart Society

Smart Payroll

Smart Payroll refers to the process of administration of a company's payroll system. This would include details of the employee's salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, holidays and leaves etc. Generates reports as per requirements.


Smart Parking System

This system provides facility to maintain records at the parking lot like generating parking ticket, showing availability of space, number of vehicles and their maintains a complete record of the pay & park stations.

Smart Work

Smart Business

Smart Business has the following key features like Manage Clients and Vendors, Manage Items, Prepare GST Invoice, Manage Receipts and Payments, Calculate GST for the selected period etc.


Smart Customer Management

A software to maintain the customer database for managing the promotions, support and anncouncements through e-mails and Bulk SMS services.

Smart Customer Management

SMART 360 D Evaluation

A 360-degree evaluation is a process through which feedback from an employee's subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation by the employee themselves is gathered. It addresses skills such as listening, planning and goal-setting.


Reporting tools for PLCs

We develop customized softwares which reads data stored by the PLCs and generates various reports as per the requirements for Quality Control, Testing, Manufacturing and production planning departments.


Smart Software Testing

A unique software which allows the development and testing teams to work hand in hand while developing a software to achieve goals accurately and efficiently.


Smart Library

Smart Library is a standalong program which takes care of all the records maintained in a library. Powerful search tool, customized reporting system are the key features.

Smart Library

Website Development

Development of Websites for organizations working in various fields which includes the clients from Prestigious Educational Institutes, Government Organisations etc.
We facilitate Domain registration, Hosting, Database and E-mail Solutions along with Maintenance of the websites.




Online Mock Tests

The ONLINE MOCK TESTING system is a state-of-the-art online Testing system wherein the student can appear for Mock Tests. The Online Mock Tests are provided for exams like :
JEE - ADVANCE, JEE - MAINS, MHT - CET, BITSAT, NEET. Mock Tests for Competitive examaminations at school level are also provided.

Online Test
Smart Application

Smart Applications

Using this service ornagizations or institutes can accept online application forms or required information in their prescribed formats. It avoides the visit of applicants to the offices.


Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom is an online classroom environment for conducting any kind of course ONLINE. It gives facilities to have study notes, video lectures, announcements, news and alerts all at one place.

Smart Classroom
Smart Order

Smart Orders

Distributors can collect their orders from various retail shops through this web application. Saves time and increases the accuracy of the distribution process. It also helps clients in keeping track of their orders. Small shops can also accept lists from their customers and make home delivery thus avoiding crowd at shops.


Smart Data Entry

We undertake data entry work for collection of data related to multiple sectors like surveys or examinations or events in the required formats.

Smart Data Entry
Online Guidance

Online Guidance

Guidance videos and detailed text material for many important subjects and courses happening around us like how to fill forms, how to plan a career and many more are available on this platform to help people understand the concepts and procedure.


Smart Evaluation

Smart Evaluation is a application for digitally evaluating the descriptive papers for the educational institutions. Using this the examiners and moderators can carry out the paper checking work at their home and thus will save time in preparation of results.

Smart Evaluation



Internet of Things [IoT]

A unique solution namely SMART-IoT which provides facility to remotely control many instruments as per requirements using internet and Wi-fi. Facilitates the real time remote monitoring of various events.



e-Presentor is an unique product which proves to of greate help while teaching in classrooms. Compact, easy to carry and wireless table unit.


EasyTech Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser

EasyTech Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser is an Automatic, Contactless and attractive dispenser which helps to sanitize and protect users from many types of illnesses and keep their spread in control.

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