This application is ideal solution for managing the Parking lots of Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Public Parking stations, Parking lots of Housing Societies etc.
It provides facilities like ticket printing, current status of number of vehicles and vacent spaces etc.
The key features of the application are -
  • Prints parking ticket with Vehicle number, Date and Time of Parking with Barcode
  • Facility to manage Rate Master according to Rules.
  • Allots Parking lot to the vehicle by searching the available parking lots.
  • Real time view of occupied and free parking lots.
  • Automatically calculates the Parking charges based on the Rules when the vehicle exits.
  • User can check the list of vehicles with IN and OUT time for a selected date and time slot.
  • Reports can be viwed for the amount of parking charges collected in selected Date and Time slot.
  • List of Vehicles with parking lot occupied can be printed.
  • Total number of vacant slots and their numbers can be printed in real time.
  • Customization of reports is possible.
  • All reports can be exported directly to MS Word, MS Excel and PDF file formats.
Smart Parking
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