This is a special tool for software development companies which synchronises the Development and Testing departments in the process of software development.
The features are -
  • Facility to add project details, teams, member of teams
  • Allows to specify the requirements of customer.
  • Allows to generate testing conditions. Developer also can view these so as to minimize the rework.
  • Testing team can fill in the details of input, expected output and actual output which will be again available to all the concerned members.
  • Failed test conditions with the respective data will be always available. Developer can also update the action taken by him so that actual status can be checked at real time.
  • The status of project with all details will be available to both developer and testing teams which helps in planning the smooth project delivery in time.
  • Customization of reports is possible.
  • All reports can be exported directly to MS Word, MS Excel and PDF file formats.
Smart software
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