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Due to cancellation of Std.10 Boards exams due to the pandemic, the Govt of Maharashtra has resolved to conduct a FYJC CET exam to admit students to junior colleges in Std. 11. As per the information declared by the State Education Ministry, the FYJC CET shall be a 2-hours exam having 100 Single-answer multiple choice questions and 100 marks with no negative marking. One mark shall be awarded to every correct answer. The 4 subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences shall have equal weightage of 25 marks each in FYJC CET.
Students appearing for FYJC CET shall get preference in junior college admissions over those who have got Std.10 marks based on internal assessment method. Hence, FYJC CET is very important for students who are moving to Std. 11 in AY 2021-22.

IIT-PK-Pune, which is a leading JEE-NEET coaching institute in Maharashtra has designed a Mock Test Series for FYJC CET along with Smart Computer (India) Pvt. Ltd. to acclimatize you with the CET Test experience. Take a FREE Test first and then register for the FYJC CET Test Series package.
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