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a. Smart Data Processing –
This is a unique software which is used for processing the answer sheets of various competitive examinations as well as for the data entry of application forms. The features of this program are –
* High Speed
* Very high percentage of accuracy (99.9%)
* Less manpower
* Works with various systems of answering. Like darkening circles, Marking cross, Marking tick or writing numbers in the box.
* Recognises any ink. (No limitation of using only pencil or a specific type of pen)
* Recognises any colour.
The program has been extensively used for various competitive examinations for last 13 years and 99.9% accuracy has been achieved for checking more than 50,00,000 answersheets in this period.

b. Production Process and Planning –
This software provides a complete solution for production process planning and maintenance for various organisations in the field of production of automobile parts, mechanical parts, food material production and almost all organisations in the production field. The features of this program are –
* Easy to use.
* High performance
* Instant and well designed reports.
* Can be used at remote sites through network.
* Instant updates of data and reminders of work to do.
* Manages Store and material details as well.
This software can be made available with the necessary changes to suit the requirement of the business of the client.

c. Attendance System –
A complete attendance system to effectively carry out the time office work has been developed. The features of this program are –
* Easy to use.
* Facility to define shifts, batches of employees, holidays, rules for late etc.
* Easy to read and well formatted reports.
* Customisation of any report is possible.
* Calculates total present days and salary due for all the employees in just a few minutes.
* Makes the complete record of all employees always available.
* Can work with Swipe card reader, Bio-matrix – finger print reader devices.
* Works in network and provides facility to view data and work from remote locations.

d. School / College / Class Management System –
A single product to satisfy all the needs of schools / colleges or private classes has been developed by SCS and is working smoothly and to the satisfaction. The features of this program are –
* Easy to use.
* Maintains and updates the record of all the students regularly.
* Prints various reports as and when required in the expected formats.
* Customisation of all the reports is possible.
* Analysis of data against subjects, students, class, examination etc. is possible.
* Accurate evaluation and error free reports. Along with these few products SCS has developed various other softwares like –

* Advocate Assistant –
To help Advocates in their profession.
* Library Management System –
To carry out all the activities at the library.
* Canteen Management –
To carry out all the activities at the Canteens etc.

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